Bio-Tattoo - A few statements to read…

Actually, I didn’t want to write about “Bio-Tattoos”. But I had a few inquiries about this topic and therefore, I want to explain why something like this can`t work.

Names like “Bio-Tattoo” or “Permanent-Tattoo” always mean the same. Tattoos which fade and after some time finally disappear. Mostly, the “Bio-Tattoo-Artists” tell people that such “Bio-Tattoos” disappear after 2-4 years. Reason should be that the colour will only pricked into the upper layer of the skin.

Interesting is, that people believe more in talk-shows and press coverages instead the people who make a living with tattooing. The strange thing is that they never showed someone who had one of these “wonder-tattoos” and could show the clean space on skin, where the tattoo has been. I wonder why?

Almost every day a long time, people came to my tattoo-studio and asked for Bio-Tattoos? If I explained then to the usually young ladies, that these tattoos don`t exist I always heard the same thing: “But my friend has a Bio-Tattoo”. Then I asked if the tattoo has already disappeared. The answer is no, but it’s getting lighter. Every tattoo gets a little bit lighter with the years.

But this is the crux of the matter.

Sure, Bio-Tattoos get lighter after some time but they don’t disappear. And this is the huge difference.

Assume for example, we go to the hairdresser and ask for a short-cut style. But the hair-dresser shaves your head bald. You would surely employ a lawyer in order to sue for damages, even though the hair will grow again. With a Bio-Tattoo, people are deliberately mutilated by beauticians and accept this without a word of protest.

For me this is beyond reason...