For all curious people I want to explain the character of the skin: Basically, our skin is two-plied, the epidermis (upper layer) and dermis (sclera)

The epidermis consists of five different layers:

- Horny layer

- Glance layer

- Granular layer

- Prickly layer

- Basal layer

The basal layer divides the epidermis from the dermis. This is where the cell division takes place. After the cell division, one daughter cell remains above the basal layer. The other daughter cell is directly above but with every further cell division she is moving up to the epidermis. All together it takes 30 days after this cell will be desquamated as a horn flake. This is also named cell-cycle. During this cycle the cell changes. This is why we have to divide in further layers. In order not to be too theoretical I won’t go into any further detail. But important is, that the epidermis is about 0,04 mm and ca. 1,5 mm thick. During a conventional tattooing the colour pigments will be stitched under the basal layer into the dermis. These colour pigments stay there without time limit and can only be removed with i.e. laser surgery. Whereas a “Bio-Tattoo” the colour pigments should be stitched between horny layer and basal layer. To catch this layer during the whole tattooing is almost impossible because the layer has a different thickness. And, however, if you hit this layer it takes no less than 30 days (one cell-cycle) until the colour disappears. The remaining colour is stitched under the basal layer and the dermis and will not disappear anymore. This part of the tattoo has only been stitched too deep. You surely can imagine what a “Bio-Tattoo” like this looks like.

Something else about the skills of a “Bio-Tattooer”. Since we have been having an outright Tattoo-Boom for some time now it didn’t take long before many business people saw a lucrative chance for making some quick money. Without attacking an entire profession it’s mostly the cosmetic studios that are offering this sort of thing. Whoever it is, it is almost certainly never a serious tattooist. Which intern means that these contractors have no training as a tattooist and no knowledge of the matter. You could say that these customers are beeing used as “test-pigs”.