For all of you who would like to know more about Major Tom, here is an article that was printed in an English language Tattoo-Magazine a couple of years ago.


Recently, we were visited by German’s “Lord of Darkness”, Major Tom.

And his assistent also came along. In fact, he gave me a call from his hotel room at the Kensington Hilton (not bad) saying he is in town and if it is alright if he come by.

I said sure, and before I knew it, two big guys in black leather were standing in front of me. It looked like they had just bought out the complete Kensington Market. Nothing than office material, Tom laughed!

It wasn’t the normal sight-seeing tour of Molesy High Street, I can assure you.

Well, my German isn’t great so I gave the job right on to my colleague.

But I must say I was surprised about how good their English was and Major Tom has one of the most wicked laughs I have ever heard. I wish it would be possible for all our readers to be able to hear it. It’s one of those laughs you have to hear in person. It’s beyond any description!! Major Tom’s helper and bag carrier is (now was) his apprentice. Pictures of his tattoos done by Tom were a good example of his skill. We printed them in our preview edition and maybe some of you remember how brilliant they looked like.