E: Why did you want to become a tattoo artist?

Tom: Because it’s fascinating. You make living art and your pictures are alive and move. You can’t just throw them away. If the tattoo doesn´t exist any more, the person doesn´t exist any more, too. There is a certain power behind this kind of art.

E: Have you ever worked in other studios? Do other Tattooists work the same way you do or are there differences?

Tom: No. I work a little differently. Most artists have their normal repertoire and that’s it. So that you have the same design numerous times and it looks the same on everybody. I don’t like doing that sort of work. People can come to me and bring their own ideas. I then draw it freehand on the skin directly with a special marker. Or someone describes what he want´s, and I’ll do the same and let them look at it in the mirror. If they like it, I’ll do it. I draw pictures that fit perfectly to the contours of the body. That’s why I like to draw it on the skin right from the beginning. I watch how the muscles move and I look out for areas of the skin that might not be so tight and smooth later on down line. This is an important factor because I want my tattoos to look good, always. I don’t just go and tattoo whereever, like some of my colleagues. If I feel that a tattoo should not be placed in a certain spot or that it won’t look good there in a couple of years then I’ll tell that my customer and I won´t do it.

E: Is your work influenced by anyone?

Tom: Yes, for example I like Greg Irons (USA). We are very similar in the way we draw. I especially like his skulls. I like big dragons, vikings, celtic ornaments, mystic and historic motives, too. I like wolves and also lizards, butterflies and stuff like that, that looks like crawling on the skin or flying over it. Realistic designs. Anything that is supposed to look real. It has to look vivid. Even a skull can look alive. It has to have movement in it. The special something, you understand?

E: Do you have a certain style that you prefer?

Tom: Yes, like I said, I like to work, even when or especially when it’s different. I really like Indian themes and Indian armbands, portraits etc.. I also like to do tribal stuff, customized to fit the body. I do them from memory (of course, Tom also has numerous motives). I also have a lot of new ideas concerning tribals, for example pictures inside of pictures. I find it a waste to just color them out in black. I like to do them because this way I can create timeless ornaments. But you’ll have to see them, I can’t really describe them.